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George A. Faber, II




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George A. Faber, II

Faber & Friends


Anita Faber

Tia Clark

Billy Harrell

Harry Caldwell

​          Band Members

George Faber, II - Keyboards

Eli Love - WW & Brass

Dorsey Summerfield - WW

Byron Canida - Guitar 

            RIP 1956 - 2020

Crawford Davis - Bass

Montreal Sanders - Drums

George A. Faber, III - Drums

Theodore (Casper) Weston - Bass

             RIP  1964 - 2018

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Faber & Friends Band " ~

AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!!! at any wedding -  they are incredible!!!!

Holly and Brian were announced by the amazingly talented George Faber & Friends Band from Tyler, Texas who knew how to have a wedding party and dance the afternoon away...  A live band that played anything from Modern Pop Hits to Classic R&B, they made guests of all ages get on the dance floor. ~Krystle Aiken (

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